Group work

Mindfulness as a resource, a group for queer & trans folks. Starting in 2019

This is a structured psycho-ed group to introduce how trauma is held in the body. Using a combination of self reflection, creative activies and mindfulness/somatic techniques, the group hopes to deepen participants understanding of themselves, how to make space for emotions in the body, and gain some extra tools for managing mental health.

We will focus on the nervous system, resourcing through the body, and boundaries.

The group will run for 6 weeks starting in 2018 on Monday evenings 6-8pm @ the Village Healing Centre 240 Roncesvalles. This will be a closed group for a maximum of 8 people.

Cost: $300 plus HST for the 6 weeks. Each week, will build from the previous.

An intake is required to join this group- please email for more information.


Why am I running this group

I have ran numerous groups in Toronto over the last 10 years, primarily for queer and trans youth. Though those experiences, I have found that while group work can be challenging, it allows for a space of connection with others doing similar self work – which can be healing and a reminder that we are not alone in this.

This particular group is specific for queer and trans folks. That is because as a queer & non binary person myself,  I have found it useful to have spaces such as these. It is a way of creating a little bit of safety for participants and to make space for things that may be specific to being in community.